A new media channel

The commercial benefits of Augmented Reality are well established. However most of the revenue projection studies fail to mention how to use it.
The main barrier most artists face when attempting to take their art into this new medium is the technical hurdles of making 3D art and programming the behaviours.
BlinkTM enables anyone to make photo-real 3D using only video production skills and a little blogging.

A new revenue channel

BlinkTM allows you to monetize your art the way you see fit. If you want to display ads around your content or charge an upfront fee, that’s up to you. If you want to provide your art for free and pay for your hosting costs yourself, you can do that. It’s entirely up to you.
It’s your art, and your money.

A new publicity channel

Augmented Reality’s ability to impress an audience is well documented. Brands with deep pockets have been spending big in AR for years with spectacular results.