Content Creation Partners

Greetings Programs. Blinxel ( is creating a global network of content creators who can service regional AR clients all over the world.

In order to achieve this we’re looking to create partnerships with video production crew, photographers and Unity artists who can create volumetric video, photogrammetry content and associated Unity scenes for the Blink mobile AR app.

Blink allows photo-realistic mobile AR content to be created at roughly 5% of the time and cost of other photo-realistic capture systems. The only gear needed is a single depth camera and a standard prosumer video production kit. Lights, a Windows PC and a way to record audio. The content can be hours in length, and it can be edited in any off-the-shelf video editing program like Adobe Premiere.

The free version of Unity is all that’s needed to create the associated scenes on either Windows or Mac.

2D skills can be used to make the Blink AR scene’s UI.

Photogrammetry can be employed to create photo-real assets of static real-world objects like products for retail or food for the hospitality industry.

These skills allow content creators to service clients local to them, creating business opportunities for clients to wish to provide their goods or services to customers. Particularly in this time of limited social interaction, photo-real AR can improve the sales outcomes of retail clients by up to 300% (

If you have these skills, and want to create new job opportunities for yourself and your local community or any other clients in your area, reach out to us at enquiries[at]