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People read about, learn from, and buy things from people. Blink gives you the power to add living people to your customer’s world.
Your customers can use their phone to experience the confidence of seeing a living, breathing person standing before them, large as life.
Studies and examples show how this Augmented Reality effect increases message retention by over 30%, and sales by as much as 300%

How it works


Anyone can create photoreal Augmented Reality content with a depth camera in minutes. Our platform has you creating content in moments, and at a 95% cost savings over traditional 3D content.


Upload your Blink to the cloud for instant global distribution.


Your Blink is instantly available to billions of mobile devices around the globe.

We are building the world's first completely democratized Augmented Reality content creation and consumption platform.

About us

Our dream is to bring AR content creation to the world. We believe that AR will only reach its full potential when the whole world can make content.

Right now we’re launching the Blink platform. Anyone can use the Blink system to make fully realistic 3D content using nothing more than a low-cost depth camera and a PC or laptop. Once made, the content can be easily uploaded to the cloud and is available to Android and iOS devices around the world.

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Blink in action


The world's only live talk show in mobile AR

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